Our vision is of a country where First Nations families and children connected to Uluru can thrive and participate fully and equally in the life of Australia.


The aims of the Uluru Foundation reflect those of its long-established parent company, Anangu Uwankaruku Punu Aboriginal Corporation. The Foundation has been established to raise and distribute funds:

1) To improve the wellbeing of Anangu – the Aboriginal people of Uluru and the surrounding region – and to relieve poverty, sickness and distress throughout the region;

2) To share, promote and strengthen Anangu culture in the region and beyond;

3) To support an annual celebration of Anangu culture in the form of the Uluru Festival, from 2023;

4) To create economic opportunities for Anangu and create sustainable enterprises and jobs in the region;

5) To support initiatives for young, Aboriginal people in the region that will help give them the brightest possible futures;

6) To support and create educational and training opportunities for Anangu of all ages;

7) To create and develop arts, crafts, media and other expressions of Aboriginal culture that can be shared with the world to enhance understanding, share knowledge, and provide local economic benefits.

Anangu Uwankaraku Punu Aboriginal Corporation


(a) The objects of the Association are to relieve poverty, sickness, destitution, helplessness, distress, suffering and misfortune among indigenous people, including members and their families, living in the area and in the communities identified in the map in Schedule A (“Maruku Area”).

(b) In recognition of the severe problems encountered by indigenous people living in the Maruku Area and the unfortunate circumstances in which they find themselves the Association shall advance its objects by the following means:

(i) to encourage and promote the development of Aboriginal arts and crafts in the Maruku Area which includes the Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjarra communities within South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory;

(ii) by involvement in and promotion of Aboriginal culture, to foster mutual trust and friendly relationships between its members and the community at large;

(iii) to work towards arts and crafts and other expressions of Aboriginal culture becoming a viable economic project and enterprise;

(iv) to undertake and implement activities which further the economic and social development of Aboriginal people and which are conducive to the advancement of Aboriginal people;

(v) to support the development of indigenous people in the Maruku Area;

(vi) to support education, job training, health services, work and housing for indigenous people living in the Maruku Area; (vii) to help and encourage indigenous people in the Maruku Area to manage their affairs upon their own lands;

(viii) to help and encourage indigenous people living in the Maruku Area to keep and renew their traditional law, language and culture;

(ix) to participate with other Aboriginal associations in projects for their mutual benefit, to receive and spend grants of money for the community from the government of the Commonwealth or of any state or territory or from other source.